Arimino Bamboo Scalp Oil Clarifier 250ml


Direction of use:
*Apply an appropriate amount onto dry scalp and massage.
*Then, rinse scalp with warm water, and shampoo.

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Arimino Bamboo Scalp Oil Clarifier:
* Rich with natural vitamin E, scalp will be nourished to prevent dandruff and discourage hair loss, whilst leaving hair glossy.
*Contains essential fatty acid that effectively and positively impact hair health.
*High concentration of natural antioxidants that will protect the cell membrane and scalp.
*Lifts away dirt and excessive oil/sebum to unclog pores, whilst moisturizing and protecting the scalp from dryness.
*Vitamin E (Dandruff removal + moisturizes + high in anti-oxidants)

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1 x Arimino Bamboo Scalp Oil Clarifier 95ml

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