Copic Classic Marker – B


Alcohol based Ink
Broad nib and Fine nib
Square barrel
Nib options are available
For design/illustrations/educational use

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Copic Classic is the very first marker of Copic family.
For decades,Classic has been favored by professional designers of architecture/product/fashion/interior/etc all around the world.
Available in Copic Classic (214 colors)

Additional information

Dimensions 15 × 3 × 3 cm



Standard Fine Super Fine Semi Broad Calligraphy 3mm Standard Broad Soft Broad Calligraphy 5mm Round Brush


B00 Frost Blue, B01 Mint Blue, B02 Robin's Egg Blue, B04 Tahiian Blue, B05 Process Blue, B06 Peacock Blue, B12 Ice Blue, B14 Light Blue, B16 cyanine Blue, B18 Lapis Lazuli, B21 Baby Blue, B23 Phthalo Blue, B24 Sky, B26 Coablt Bue', B29 Ultramarine, B32 pale Blue, B34 Manganese Blue, B37 Antwerp Blue, B39 Prussian Blue, B41 powder Blue, B45 Smoky Blue