Copic Sketch Marker – BV


Alcohol based Ink
Medium Broad nib and Super Brush nib
Oval barrel
Nib options are available
For design/illustrations/educational use

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The Copic Sketch Marker is a professional quality twin-tip marker pen for artists, designers and architects. Each pen features a brush tip for fine detailing and lines of varied width, and a chisel tip for bolder work. The ink is alcohol-based and quick-drying.

Additional information

Dimensions 15 × 3 × 3 cm

Super Brush Medium Broad Sketch Fine




BV00 Mauve Shadow, BV000 Iridescent Mauve, BV0000 Pale Thistle, BV01 Viola, BV02 Prune, BV04 Blue Berry, BV08 Blue Violet, BV11 Soft Violet, BV13 Hydrangea Blue, BV17 Deep Reddish Blue, BV20 Dull Lavender, BV23 Grayish Violet, BV25 Grayish Violet, BV29 State, BV31 Pale Lavender, BV34 Bluebell