Copic Sketch Marker – YG


Alcohol based Ink
Medium Broad nib and Super Brush nib
Oval barrel
Nib options are available
For design/illustrations/educational use

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The Copic Sketch Marker is a professional quality twin-tip marker pen for artists, designers and architects. Each pen features a brush tip for fine detailing and lines of varied width, and a chisel tip for bolder work. The ink is alcohol-based and quick-drying.

Additional information

Dimensions 15 × 3 × 3 cm

Super Brush Medium Broad Sketch Fine




YG 45 Cobalt Green, YG00 Mimosa Yellow, YG0000 Lily White, YG01 Green Bice, YG03 Yellow Green, YG05 Salad, YG06 Yellowish Green, YG07 Acid Green, YG09 Lettuce Green, YG11 Mignonette, YG13 Chartreuse, YG17 Grass Green, YG21 Anise, YG23 New Leaf, YG25 Celadon Green, YG41 Pale Cobalt Green, YG61 Pale Moss, YG63 Pea Green, YG67 Moss, YG91 Putty, YG93 Grayish Yellow, YG95 Pale Olive, YG97 Spanish Olive, YG99 Marine Green