D Wellso Power Clean Detergent – Floral (2L)

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3x Tough Stains Removal Powder

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Direction : Pour 1 cap to wash 15 – 20 clothes(Use 1 cap for full 1 load,adjust detergent amount according to the weight of laundry and to the intensity of stains).Apply Detergent directly to pre-treat tough stains.Pour the rest of detergent liquid into the washing machine.
CAUTION : Keep in dry and closed area.Keep away from the reach of children.Read washing instruction label beforetreatment on clothes.For besst results,wash stained clothes immediately.Wash and dry hand after each wash.For sensitive skin,do not touch detergent for prolonged durations.If in contact with eyes,rinse with water for several minutes.If consumed,drink water and seek medical attention immediately.

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