Daler Rowney Turpentine 75ml


Dilutes oil colour to create thin, quick-drying washes in the early stages of painting. Also used to clean brushes.

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Daler-rowney have worked closely with artists to develop a wide range of mediums in support of their colours systems, and provide a variety of products to cover the varying needs of today’s artists. Mediums are essential for some types of painting, e.g. Thinners for oil painting. By its very nature, oil colour is incompatible with water and dissolves only in turpentine, white spirit or low-odour thinners. Artists’ oil colours are made by dispersing pigments in an oil medium to create a smooth, slow-drying paint. The choice of oil mediums from the wide variety available depends on the surface and the finish required, and the working properties preferred during painting.

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Dimensions 25 × 10 × 3 cm