Faber Castell Charcoal Sketch Set


Charcoal starter set for hobby artists
Contains 2 Pitt natural charcoal sticks (6 – 11 mm), 1 Pitt charcoal pencil medium, 1 Pitt pressed charcoal pencil soft, 1 Pitt Pastel pencil white medium, 1 kneadable eraser, 1 paper wiper

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The monochrome colours of black, white, sanguine and sepia can be found in life drawing
classes at almost every art school. They bring pictures to life with vitality and expression.
This is an old tradition of figure drawing that dates back to the Renaissance, enhanced with
white and with shadows deepened with black. Creative Studio sketch sets provide the basis
for classical drawing techniques with graphite, charcoal and monochrome earth tones.

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