Faber Castell LOOM Gunmetal Fountain Pen(EF-Shiny)


Metal barrel, shiny gunmetal surface
Embossed grooves on the grip for a comfortable writing posture
Spring-loaded clip
Detachable cap
High-quality stainless steel nib in width EF (extra fine)
Equipped with a cartridge/converter system
Fitted with a cartridge
Cartridges in different colours available separately
Converter can be purchased separately
White gift box with attractive printed slip case

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Fountain pen Loom gunmetal shiny extra fine
Featuring a grip section with fine rings and a subtly curved form, Loom writing implements are varied and fascinating. They are characterised by luminous colours and an puristic elegance. The modern trio, consisting of a twist ballpoint pen, rollerball pen and fountain pen, captivates with a conical shape and the high-contrast interplay of matt and gloss effects. “Metallic” will add a colourful highlight to your college writing pad or desk. “Piano” embodies classical elegance and a fascinating lifestyle: the polished metal barrel sets off the pure white and black, while the varnish adds a trendy gloss to this series.

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