Maione Q10 MIRIKEL – 10 sachets


Beautiful from inside-out

Luxurious transformation secret to staying young

Endow our skin with new life miracle

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Q10 Mirikel can effectively promote beautiful
skin and cellular health,and it is very beneficial
to the heart and cardiovascular health.If further
improves the immune system entirely.It is one of
the best antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent.

It is produced with many kinds of plant’s
active ingredients with advanced technology from
Switzerland to extract the essence.It regenerates
the skin and promotes firmness.Thus promotes youth
and beauty.

Rosa Damascena contains resourceful polyphenol
and flavonoid that act as very powerful antioxidants.
It is very beneficial overall in promoting smooth
skin,fairness and youth.Vitis Vinifera protects the
stem cells of epidermis from the harm of ultraviolet
rays.Futhermore,it enhances the skin’s tolerance towards towards ultraviolet rays.

Blending Method:Mix well Q10 Mirikel(10g) with
150ml of room temperature water and drink immediately.Consume 1 sachet daily.

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