Micaree OT Cream (Whitening Cream)


An all in one solution for you,easy & conveneint

Confident and charming, all day and all time

Suaitable For : Skin Dullness, Rough Skin , Wrinkless ,Acne Blemish, Rough Pores, Dryness Skin ,Damaged Skin

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A variety of plant moisturizing essence,forming a breathable water-locking film on the surface of the skin to create a long-lasting water-light nude makeup;skin friendly texture closely fits the skin,effectively blocking pollution and various environment damage,easily hiding pore and sutum,a touch of porcelain.
Fine andflawless to help create smooth and delicate skin.

Efficacy Analysis :
-All time nourished and moisturized
-Efficient Hydrating
-Non greasy
-Sunsreen SPF 20

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Dimensions 8 × 8 × 17 cm