Sakura Nouvel Carre Pastel – 24 COL (B)


Very smooth and soft application on paper.
The square shape (8x8mmx60mm) is convenient for both detailed and sketch work. The corners provide a sharp point while the side of the stick allows broad strokes.
Clean and easy to use. The pastels will not crumble or powder in hands.
In combination with other materials like water colors, ink colors or acrylic colors, very unique and different results are enjoyable.
Available in 150 vivid and well balanced colors. Within this range of colors, there are different types of sets; starters set, landscape set, portrait set and so on.

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Sakura Nouvel Carre Artist Pastels are designed for the student and professional. The square shape is versatile for all work.They are semi hard for minimal “finger-powdering” and the elimination of paper wrapping. Carre Pastels are water soluble and are lightfast rated. Pure pigments produce vivid, brilliant colours.
When used in together with other media such as water colors, ink colors or acrylic colors, offer many interesting possibilities for creative activity. Apply directly to paper and then blend by rubbing with a finger of stiff brush.

Pastels are ideal for exercises designed to develop colour awareness in children. Drawings which have not been fixed should be framed under glass to prevent smudging. Remarkable effects can be produced by drawing onto wet paper. Pastels do not require a high degree of manipulative skill and can be stored and distributed in the art classroom.

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Dimensions 30 × 30 × 5 cm

8 x 8 x 60mm