Schwarzkopf OSiS+ Flexwax 85ml


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*OSiS+ Flexwax is an ultra-strong cream wax which offers excellent mouldability due to a special combination of wax, emollients and emulsifiers. *Providing all hair types with ultra-strong texture, separation and styling control, this creamy wax allows for a natural shine finish without any greasy residue.
*This professional styling wax washes out easily and is ideal for daily use.

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Schwarzkopf Osis Hair Wax

Schwarzkopf OSiS+ Flexwax Ultra Strong Cream Wax:
*Schwarzkopf Osis Flex Wax is a very strong stylings cream ideal for any hair style.
*The flexible texture Schwarzkopf Osis Flex Wax you can restyle your hair throughout the day and the wax will not weigh down the hair.
*Schwarzkopf Osis Flex Wax is easy from it to wash hair and is not greasy. The wax gives a natural shine and a firm hold (factor 4) yet flexible finish.

Direction of use:
*Take a small amount Schwarzkopf Osis Flex Wax.
*Massage it well through your hands and knead it well then by the hair.
*The hair can now be modeled into any desired shape.

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