Sleekliner Shampoo 250ml


For Rebellious Hair

Cleanses the hair, making it smooth and manageable while conditioning it from within to control frizziness.

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Control hair?s texture like never before, for sleek, long-lasting salon style.
If you think your hair is too curly, too wavy or too frizzy to be tamed, SLEEKLINER will change your mind as completely as it transforms your hair. Shiseido?s Smoothness Retention Technology makes even the most hopelessly uncooperative hair shiny and manageable. Acting on your hair from the inside out, it systematically straightens each strand, while blocking the effects of humidity and reducing volume. Keep your hair smooth and manageable long after your salon visit with SLEEKLINER hair care. You?ll never feel more in control.

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1 x Shiseido THC Sleekliner Shampoo – 250ml

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