Tony Moly Back Gel Eyeliner (Holiday Edition)


While cat-eye and smokey-eye looks may be all the rage, smudgy racoon eyes generally don’t have the same kinda rep. Tony Moly’s Backgel Eye Liner keeps your eyeliner on fleek with its thixotropic-gel-formula that’s waterproof, making sure it stays on through water and sweat. Conveniently packaged with a 15mm brush, this handy gel liner is easy to use and great to throw in your purse just in case you need a touch-up. Our favourite part about this product? It glides on like a dream but becomes budge proof after it dries, so you don’t have to worry about it throughout the day.

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Has a thixotropic-gel-formula that becomes more liquid during use and sets once applied
Waterproof, sweat proof, budge proof and long wearing
Comes with a 15mm brush for easy application

Dip brush into gel liner and apply to eyes to achieve desired shape. Make sure to cap gel liner and clean brush before putting it back to maintain the quality of the brush and liner.

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02 Brown, 01 Black