Tony Moly Backgel Miracle Fit Superproof Liner


it is highly resistant to water and sebum
facilitating long-lasting distinct eye line.
This multi-proof eyeliner is released in 10 different colors.
Allowing various eye makeups.

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Adheres surprisingly smoothly and tightly to the skin and expresses delicate and vivid eyelines.
Smudge Proof Polymer forms a waterproof film on the skin, preventing smudging from water and sebum.
Coated Powder & Pigment expresses vivid and deep colors on the eyes with the smooth and soft texture.

How to Use:
Draw smoothly along the eye lines.

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02 Edge Brown, 03 Rose Brown, 05 Smoky Wood, 07 Retro Plum, 09 Black Mirroball, 10 Warm Twinkle