Tony Moly Bio Ex Cell Peptide Toner – 130ml


A premium wrinkle care line targeting anti aging concerns.
-Regeneration Care
-Expression Line Care.
Content: 130ml

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Head lining the ingredients;
-Biomimetic water, skin friendly ingredient that smoothly passes through cell membranes.
-Criste marine stem cells, living stem cells that promote skin regeneration, anti aging effect and reinforcement of collagen elastin.
-EGF a nobel prize winning ingredient which promotes skin regeneration
-Acetyl Hexapeptide- is derived from botulinum. Relaxes muscles by controlling neutrotransmitter stimulants, and is frequently used in molecular structure for quick absorption.
-Dermatologically tested.
Containing criste-marine stem cell and peptide smoothens out the wrinkled skin.
-High moisture wrinkle toner that moistly permeates the skin from the start.
-High moisture wrinkle toner for both expression line and aging wrinkle care.
-Toner adding a moist water glow to the skin with rich moisture and oil.
-Water glow boosting ampoule toner that alone moisturises the skin.
BIO EX CELL PEPTIDE TONER ampoule based toner that permeates the skin as the first step in your skin care routine. It will prepare and soften your skin working as a boosting toner that promotes the absorption of basic care products.

Direction of use
-Apply to your face skin using your fingertips or a cotton pad.

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