Tony Moly Bio Ex Cell Peptide Wrinkle Perfector Set


Eye Cream: smooths out and lifts tired skin around the delicate eye area. 30ml

Wrinkle Perfector: To be applied as they last step of skin care in the areas most affected by dryness and wrinkles. 15ml

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Keeping skin hydrated and restoring the skin’s youthful radiance. A perfect combination for specially care on facial expression line.
A premium wrinkle care line targeting anti aging concerns.
-Regeneration Care
-Expression Line Care.
Head lining the ingredients;
-Biomimetic water, skin friendly ingredient that smoothly passes through cell membranes.
-Criste marine stem cells, living stem cells that promote skin regeneration, anti aging effect and reinforcement of collagen elastin.
-EGF a nobel prize winning ingredient which promotes skin regeneration
-Acetyl Hexapeptide- is derived from botulinum. Relaxes muscles by controlling neutrotransmitter stimulants, and is frequently used in molecular structure for quick absorption.
-Dermatologically tested.