Tony Moly Bio Ex Cell Toning Ampoule Serum 45ml


The Bio EX Cell Toning line containing Glutathione & Criste-marine stem cell makes skin tone look bright.
Contains a large amount of sea buckthorn water instead of purified water, it gives dull skin vitality & moisturizing and makes skin moist and clear.
(* Toning ampoule, cream only)
Highly concentrated whitening ampoule serum with bright pink tone.

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Contains criste-marine stem cells and botulinum-derived peptide to smoothen and firm saggy and wrinkled skin.
Wrinkle improvement.
Whitening functioning.
Skin safety test completed.
Concentrate ampoule serum to give fair white skin care
‘Glutathione’ ingredient and ‘Tranexamic acid’ ingredient gives bright skin tone and blemish care.
Used vitamin tree water instead of water for vital moisture bright skin care.

Direction of use :
Press cap, apply onto skin and let it absorb.

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