Tony Moly Crystal Jewel Eye Glitter


Adhering eye glitter glowing brilliantly with Jewelry Extract.
Pearl particles of various sizes scatter light like stars.
Use fingers instead of brushes to reduce particle scattering

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It is an eye glitter that gives a gorgeous and glittering highlight like a star.
Amethyst, Diamond, Pearl, Pearl, Ruby, Sapphire powders give perfect glare at any angle
01 Pink flakes
-Champagne glitter that gives a sophisticated twinkle in bright glitter mixed with pink and beige
02 Moon flake
-Glitter with a mixture of white and gold in gorgeous glitter

How to Use
1. Applying by a brush: Use a tip of a brush to apply onto eyelids gently.
2. Applying by fingers (a way to reduce dusting effect):
Take a small amount with a finger tip and apply lightly tapping onto eyelids eyes.

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01 Pink Flakes, 02 Moon Flakes