Tony Moly Dear Me Balancing Skin 130ml


A mild balancing toner boosted with an herb complex to hydrate and refresh skin.

Solution for:
Dryness / Uneven skin texture
Pores / Blackheads

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Dear Me Balancing Skin is a smooth toner that creates fresh, balanced skin.
This is a mild balancing toner that is full of moisture, which transforms your precious and lovely skin into clean and pure skin with its baby herb complex and its pure, 4 harm-free, mild-formula, prescription ingredients.aZ Its unique skin astriction effect and sense of refreshment provides tension to loosened pores and takes care of roughened skin, while the patented oriental beauty fruit of newplex provides rest to skin that is worn out from stress and the effects of a harmful environment.aZ Also, its skin balancing care creates skin that is residue and oil free with low molecule powder.

How to Use:
Take an adequate amount of product, and gently apply to the neck and face area

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