Tony Moly Easy Touch Auto Eyebrow


Formulated to look natural while giving long lasting wear, our Vitamin E brow pencil not only nourishes brows but it also fills in patches and sparse areas effortlessly with its super-fine pigment and ultra-soft powder formula.

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Full, feathery brows are only one stroke away with our favorite Easy Touch Auto Eyebrow! Designed so that even the most brow-challenged beginner can easily master natural, full brows, our brow pencil is uniquely teardrop-shaped to allow for better control when drawing thin and full lines. Our formula glides on effortlessly with an even, consistent pigmentation to mimic brow’s natural color without any awkward skips or clumps!
Super-Fine Pigment – Perfectly mimics hair follicle with natural pigmentation to help create natural volume to sparse brows.
Ultra-soft Powder – Helps brows achieve a smooth and clean look while providing long lasting wear.
Vitamin E – Nourishes skin so sensitive area around the eyes don’t feel dry and irritated.

Start at the front of the brows, pointing the pencil straight up.
Lightly fill in sparse areas by mimicking the direction of each hair.
Moving towards the end of the brows, lay pencil down flat and press down for more pigmentation while still following with the direction of the hairs.
If needed, the spoolie at the opposite end of the pencil can be used to groom brows before filling in sparse areas and afterwards to feather out any harsh lines for a softer, more natural finish.

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