Tony Moly Floria Nutra-Energy 100 Hours Cream 100ml


Fermented argan protein and oil capsule convey concentrated nutrition and moisture.
Forms a smooth and moist moisture barrier to prevent moisture evaporation for 124 hours.
Natural nutritious ingredients tend the skin healthily with tight and dense moisture.

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This energizing cream provides an effective moisturizing for at least 100 hours, relieves dryness immediately after application.
Contains fermented ingredients: argan oil and safflower extract. The process of natural fermentation allows you to improve the perception of the skin of nutrients. It is saturated with microcapsules, which, when in contact with the skin, melt, the beneficial substances in them are penetrating into the deep layer of the epidermis.
Argan oil smoothes and softens the skin, maintains a natural level of moisturizing, prevents moisture loss, creates a protective invisible barrier on the surface of the skin, protecting against the effects of external negative influences. Argan oil is very rich in vitamin E, which significantly inhibits the activity of free radicals – the culprits of early aging. Safflower water saturates the skin with vitamins, prolongs its youth.

Recommended to use twice per day – for morning & evening routines. Gently pat the cream on your face & neck skin.

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