Tony Moly Naturalth Goat Milk Body Butter – 200ml


Goat milk provides rich nutrition and healthy selenium that protects the skin.

Casein, found in breast milk, tends the skin mildly without stimulation.

Fine fat particles convey highly nutritious ingredients deeply into the skin.

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Body lotion that perfectly complements everyday skin care. The main ingredient is a unique goat milk, which has been provided by goats grazing in the clean meadows of New Zealand. It contains a lot of valuable substances that will help to prolong youth and maintain skin health.
Naturalth Goat Milk Moisture Body Lotion prevents early aging of the skin, accelerates the production of collagen, restores elasticity and makes the skin more firm. It has antibacterial action, relieves inflammation, quickly heals wounds.
Goat milk fills your skin with moisture and provides a hydration to every cell, protects from external influences, increases local derma immunity.
The milk proteins renew the skin, stimulate the growth of new cells, effectively fight inflammation, brighten, delicately remove the keratinized particles, saturate the skin with moisture and eliminate wrinkles appearance.

Gently apply to your skin and blend it over.

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