Tony Moly Perfect Eyes Two Way Volume Mascara 02 Brown


The 2-STEP mascara expresses the eye lashes with volume and edgy curling.
A two way mascara with two options – pure, natural volume, and mellow, power volume.

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Two way mascara to control eyelash volume freely.
STEP 1 for natural volume.
STEP 2 for full power voume for deep looking eyes mascara.
Two kinds of brush type to give eyelash look free volume control.
No need of curler on weak eyelash giving strong curling effect.
Sweat, humidity, tears non smudging daily proof film giving long lasting mascara.

How to Use
With the first brush, express natural volume by combing each eyelash in detail.
With the second brush, apply mascara once more to produce perfect volume.

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02 Brown