Tony Moly Perfume De Body Grace Lotion 300ml


Perfumed creamy lotion provides elegance luxury of France’s unique fragrance by adding flowral scent.
Provides refreshing and soft feeling,relieves skin irritation and calms stressed and tired skin

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A luxury nutrition and moisturizing for your skin! Recommended for dry skin type.
Contains shea butter, mango oil, betaine, beta-glucan, damask rose extract, chestnut extract, iris root extract, violet extract, lavender extract, citron extract of crenate, etc.
Lotion for the body with a complex of essential oils gives the skin a luxurious cleansing and elegant French-like floral fragrance.
Provides freshness and softness to the skin, relieves irritation and stress, soothes and tones tired skin. This herbal complex takes care of maintaining moisture in the skin after cleansing.

Apply to anywhere you want! Do not forget to blend the lotion over the skin surface.

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