Tony Moly Prestige Jeju Snail Essence 50ml


Very moist.
Gets into skin well.
Quick absorption is the key feature of
essence and ampoule.

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Formulated with 80% snail slime filtrate from Jeju, 10ppm of gold, and a botanical complex made of camellia, green tea, citrus and fig extracts, this nourishing gel-type essence turns watery upon contact with skin and absorbs quickly.
Jeju camphor tree extract plus special polypeptides provide nutrients, and restore elasticity and firmness to skin.
Protects and soothes your skin from environmental damage, and offers deep hydration.
Helps improve the moisture retaining abilities of the skin.

How to use
Apply an appropriate amount along skin’s texture and spread evenly,
and then pat gently to absorb.

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