Tony Moly The Floria Whitening Set


Skin toner that makes skin look as clear as blooming white flowers.
This skin toner makes the skin texture look soft and as clear as white flower petals by taking care of dead skin cells and dull skin tone.
Highly concentrated skin whitening lotion with soft texture like petals giving water light.
Smoothes out stained skin tone and melts uniformly to bright skin tone.

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Floria Whitening Petal Toner – Contains White Flower complex.
Floria Whitening Emulsion – Contains White Flower complex 13,000mg.

How to Use:
For Toner use: Using a cotton pad, spread the toner on your skin following the skin texture, and pat lightly for better absorption.
For Emulsion use: Spread the emulsion on your skin, following the skin texture and pat lightly for better absorption.