Winsor Newton Galeria Acrylic Colour 120ml -1


Quality at an affordable price.
Even satin finish
Excelent depth of colour

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Our Galeria Acrylic are wonderfully affordable and yet impressive in their vibrancy and quality. We’ve made them with a high level of pigment and created opaque versions of some naturally transparent colours. You’ll find their texture buttery enough for quick and easy coverage, but thick enough for brush marks to remain, should you want them. There are 60 magnificent colours to choose from.

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Dimensions 17 × 6.35 × 3.8 cm



Buff Titanium(60), Burgundy(75), Burnt Sienna Opaque(77), Burnt Sienna(74), Burnt Umber(76), Cadmium Orange Hue(90), Cadmium Red Hue(95), Cadmium Yellow Deep Hue(115), Cadmium Yellow Medium Hue(120), Cadmium Yellow Pale Hue(114), Cerulean Blue Hue(138), Cobalt Blue Hue(179), Copper(214), Crimson(203), Deep Turquoise(232), Flesh Tint(257), Green Gold(294), Hooker's Green(311), Ivory Black(331), Lamp Black(337), Lemon Yellow(346), Mars Black(386), Mixing White(415), Naples Yellow(422), Olive Green(447), Opera Rose(448), Pale Lemon(434), Pale Olive(435), Pale Terracotta(437)