WuXing Daily Meal – 14 sachets


Moisten lung,relax bowels and dredge our body

Tonify kidney,promote the secretion of body fluid , soothe liver and improve eyesight

Calm our nerves and strengthen brain

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As the core of Chinese traditional culture,
WuXing,also known as the Five Elements,refers to
a systematic view in Taoism since ancient China.
It is considered that all in the universe are the
products of the movements and Transformation of
the Five Elements: Earth,Metal,Water,Wood and Fire.

The viscera functions as a whole,not
independently.The Mutually Control the human
physiological functions in correspondence to the
five elements.Physiologically,they are mutually
beneficial with no restrictions,working together
to maintain Yin-yang balances of the organ .

WuXing Daily Meal is designed based on the
Five Element theory to improve dub-health of
modern people.Featuring pure and green ingredients
rich in natural dietary fibers and various nutrients without any additives,it helps transport
nutrition to the Internal organs

WuXing Daily Meal contains 20 pure and
natural ingredients with high nutritional value
as an imperial recipe to effectively resist
sub-health based on the mechanism of balancing
the internal organs.Harmony among the organs
can keep the human body fit and vibrant with
smoother blood circulation.

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